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In 2018, a Chicago based, family-owned company acquired a majority interest in Chicagoland Equipment & Supply (“CES”), which was founded in 2000 with the vision of providing a one-stop solution to Chicago’s retail grocery market. Since 2021, the company has completed seven acquisitions of companies across the Midwest.

Executive team

Tyler Jeffrey


Chuck Fleischacker


Tim Bachara


Frank LaSpisa


CES Acquired by
Pothos (an affiliate of Cooper Management)

CES Acquires
Heibing Refrigeration

CES Acquires
United Fast Food & Beverage

CES Acquires
McCormick Service
Ramar Supply
March Equipment
Wilson Restaurant Supply

Become a CES Company

We value business owners who are proud of the legacies they have built, and we believe in maintaining the independent, long-standing brands of our companies and what they bring to the customer. Brands and service remain local, while supported by best-in-class tools and resources to help bring more value to every customer.